Friday, March 23, 2012

CATO revolts

I love this. The CATO regulars thwart the Koch's takeover attempt with a brilliant sally.
This afternoon, as the Koch PR arm was blasting out a memo about the War for Cato, the libertarian think tank's board was meeting to talk about membership. Before today, the sixteen-member board had seven members affiliated in some way with the Kochs. That put them very close to majority control. Today, the board's majority agreed to simply expand to 20 members, invoking a bylaw that allows that many people to serve if it's so desired. They added four people -- William A. Dunn, John C. Malone, Lewis E. Randall, and Donald G. Smith -- who are more supportive of the non-Koch faction. "We now have a 13-7 majority," said Ed Crane, Cato's president since 1977. "It was a contentious meeting." When was the last time the board had 20 members? "I don't think we ever have."
I suspect the billionaire brothers aren't used to being challenged. Willing to bet those Koch boys are really pissed off and plotting their revenge. Pretty sure they're going to lose. Looks like their adversaries may not be as rich, but they're much smarter.

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