Friday, March 09, 2012

Breitbart's army flounders without their fearless leader

The straggling warriors of Breitbart's army, left leaderless by his untimely death, are doing to best to honor his legacy of fake video "stings." Faked being the operative word, as always.
In yet another humiliating attempt to catch the Obama campaign in a hidden video conspiratorial outrageous outrage, the heirs of Andrew at have creatively edited a video of a lecture by Harvard Law School Prof. Charles J. Ogletree, Jr., to make it look like he was admitting hiding a supposed damning bit of “evidence:” that Barack Obama was a closer friend to Prof. Derrick Bell than they wanted known.
I'm sure you'll be shocked to learn that Prof. Ogletree wasn't talking about the Obama video at all. Which, of course, didn't stop CNN from allowing the little Big.Cons from airing the misleading clip during an interview without checking the context.

Meanwhile, the very serious analysts at HeritageFoundation.GOPscam trumpeted their damning discovery that the new black radical demon du jour, the late Derrick A. Bell made not one, but two visits to the White House before he died. Of course, you'll be similarly shocked to find out, a) the Mr. Bell in question was there for a White House tour, not any meetings with the Prez and b) it wasn't that Professor Bell who took those tours.

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