Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Best blooper of the day

You would think nothing could top the amusement factor of the Etch-a-Sketch fiasco but you would be wrong. This failed Big.Con sting conducted by Breitbart's best remaining "gonzo journalist" is actually funnier. After being heavily hyped by both Sean Hannity and at Glenn Beck's new home base, The Blaze, it turns out Andy's brighest star ambush specialist, Jason Mattera, didn't actually ambush Bono. He boldly harangued a Bono impersonator.

As Wonkette notes, you can see how Mattera got fooled.
Who could’ve known? The impersonator’s different voice and nonexistent Irish accent are pretty convincing.
How embarrassing. Of course, following the conservative creed graven on stone tablets by the late Mr. Breitbart himself, never admit a mistake. The video was made private, the websites were scrubbed but alas, like Lady Macbeth, the Big.Con clan are finding some spots simply can't be eradicated. You can watch the "sting" at your leisure at either link above.

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