Thursday, February 02, 2012

Romney puts his foot in it again

Late to this, but worth archiving Romney's latest tone deaf remark. No matter what the context, the line, "I'm not concerned about the poor" will surely haunt him forever on the campaign trail. Ironically, while most people are appalled at his callousness, the "true" conservatives are pissed off that he's supporting the social safety net. They want him to destroy it and make those lazy poor people work for their paltry handouts.

Also hilarious that the man who claims out of context remarks are fair game in politics, as he merrily attacks President Obama with misquotes and outright lies, is pleading for his own babble to be judged within the context of its totality please. Suddenly, I'm less worried about how tough a competitor he'll be for our President.

Meanwhile, tied up in real world stuff for a few days so light posting.

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