Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Que pasa GOP

Desperately seeking outrage, the GOPers are yelping like a pack of chihuahuas about Jim Messina's tweet:
We demand that Mr. Messina immediately apologize and we ask that President Obama disavow his campaign manager's ridiculous statement," said Jennifer Sevilla Korn, executive director of the conservative Hispanic Leadership Network, in a statement.
Bueno Dios, Republicans are always demanding apologies and disavowals from Democrats but when one of their own makes blatantly overt racist statements, it's always -- sorry if anyone was offended...

Of course, Messina was quoting Dana Milbank, who was quoting John McCain, but you can't fit the entire quote into 140 characters.

Figure given the actual knowledge Republicans have about the Latino culture, some clueless GOPer probably saw chimichanga and was hoping it was as insulting as macaca and got the outrage machine rev'ed up. Expect they would love to have a macaca moment at the expense of the Democrats. And guess they're not worried about offending their elderly Caucasian fundie base by pandering to those durn illegals who are "stealing out jobs" and "taking our welfare." Since they don't serve those at Taco Bell, they won't even know what they're talking about.

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