Friday, February 17, 2012

GOP primary far from over

Lost the link, but read this morning both Texas and Pennsylvania primaries are being pushed back until probably May or June because it will take that long for the courts to decide if their convoluted redistricting is too gerrymandered to be legal. Which of course, means nobody is going to feel all that pressured to drop out.

Santorum is riding the wave at the moment so he's not going anywhere. Newt has a comeback plan. It's not that bad a plan actually. At the moment he's targeting wingnut rich districts in California where delegates will be awarded proportionally. Word has it he's generating a lot of excitement among the Tea Party and so-cons with his -- shall we say -- unique style.
Unlike Santorum, whose social conservatism centers around family values, Gingrich's message is characteristically grandiose. In particular, his ideas for reforming the judiciary to reign in "activist judges" fire up those who see the federal courts as a major threat to religious liberty. More broadly, Gingrich's historical vision of America and American Exceptionalism speaks to those who believe that the country has gotten dangerously off track, both morally and economically.
One supporter notes he's "really drawn to his sense of history — it gives us a sense of how we get out of this mess we're in." And Newt just got another $10 million from Sugar Daddy Adelson so he's good to go for another round.

Meanwhile, the state of Maine has decided if everyone is going to make such a big fking deal about it, okay, they'll do a damn recount on their caucus tally and maybe include all the votes they ignored or declared irrelevant this time. Ron Paul may get his victory there yet. Not that he's likely to quit anyway, but it would boost the troop morale.

The good news is the candidates seem to be burning out on the endless debates. Two of three have been recently cancelled because nobody wants to show up anymore. So there's that.

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