Friday, January 13, 2012

What's wrong with major media in two tweets

The intertoobz have made great progress in cracking the establishment media's stranglehold on the news cycle. The ranks of the informed grow daily. But we're still a minority and these guys still steer the narrative that drives the underinformed. These are not just isolated tweets. They're representative.
PoliticoRoger: Hey, everybody, I think SC is going to be a game changer and our editors should send is there to eat great meals in Charleston. Pass it on.

EdHenryTV: Boys & girls on bus RT @steveholland1 Romney press bus pulling out of Manchester 4 Mass airport for flite to SC. demolished the hoagies
Sure, there's a bit of drudgery involved, but the perks are great and nobody wants to get kicked off the bus. [graphic: Colours of a dream]

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