Friday, January 20, 2012

So long Marianne

I fell asleep just before the promised "explosive" interview with the second Mrs. Gringrich aired on Nightline last night. Just as well since having watched the archived video, it's clear we were seriously pwned by ABC. One wonders what about it required such soul searching as to when to air it. Especially since they leaked the "open marriage" punch line early on, giving Newt plenty of time to come up with a defense before John King so lamely lobbed the question first thing at last night's debate.

They couldn't have engineered the narrative more transparently, or any more in Newt's favor. Today's news cycle is all about Newt's indignation at despicably being subjected to questions about his despicable behavior.

Anyone could have predicted this interview would be a bomb. The second wife, who cheated with him on the first wife would have to come up with something better than, gee he wanted an open marriage, to gain any sympathy. And what was with the bit about meeting with the arms dealer in Paris? She looked as smarmy as Newt with that denial.

Besides, everybody knows about Newt's past affairs. The base considers these to be mere peccadilloes. Ancient history that the men secretly admire and the woman accept with resignation because most of them have forgiven their own husbands for such passing lapses of fidelity. Besides, Newt admitted his sins and asked God for forgiveness. That's good enough for them. The only thing that might have resonated with that crowd would have been Newt's refusal to support his past wives and families after the divorce.

The story that should have been hyped was the legal pleadings from Gringrich's first divorce. How he abandoned his first family, leaving them so destitute they had "no lights, no heat, no water, no food in the home." Their church held a food drive for them. Newt didn't give them a dime until the court forced him to honor his obligations.

But the second wife? Of course the reaction is meh. Maybe it's true that Newt has friends who would testify she was overstating the transition to wife three. If so, maybe the media could ask him to produce them. But otherwise, as far as the base is concerned, "It's time that we began, to laugh and cry, and cry and laugh about it all again." Or not.

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Blogger merlallen said...

She got what she deserved. She knew he was married when he started fooling around with her? She expected fidelity after that? I admit to having sex with married women when I was younger. I wasn't stupid enough to marry any of them. One actually told me that she wouldn't fool around on me if we got married. I laughed in her face. this comment makes me sound like a jerk, doesn't it?

9:06:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Think that sentiment is fairly common out there. The first wife could have damaged him with her story. You're not the first I saw who suggested the second deserved it.

9:39:00 AM  

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