Thursday, January 12, 2012

Right to be worked to death

Once considered a potential savior for the 2012 GOP hopes, Mitch Daniels gave his final State of the State address. Wondering if he regrets dropping out. Running for president would probably have been easier. The address didn't go that well. Statehouse Dems boycotted the event and the Statehouse was filled with protesters.
The cause: The state's controversial "right to work" legislation. The proposal has bitterly divided Republicans and Democrats in the General Assembly. It has galvanized labor union members who see it as a threat, while businesses consider it an economic-development tool.
This was the scene inside the Statehouse.

There's no doubt that "right to work" laws are "business friendly." But now having lived in a right to work state for a few years, I can definitely say it's not worker friendly. Workers have no real recourse to employer abuses and the average wage doesn't begin to support even a meager existence. I've never seen so many working poor that qualify for, and really need, public assistance such as food stamps, just to barely survive.

Addendum: Thanks to Mule Breath for passing on this link from LGM to eyewitness account of "right to work" exploitation in 1958.

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Blogger Mule Breath said...

The right wing is going to vote this country into corporate oblivion, and this tale eloquently illustrates the path on which we tread.

Erik Loomis had a piece on this yesterday, which I stole for my own.

2:20:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

So true.

Thanks for the link. And just realized you're not on my blogroll. Thought I added you ages ago.

4:48:00 PM  
Blogger Mule Breath said...

Might soil your reputation to consort with a devil worshiping, faggot, commie, pinko, heathen, socialist atheist like me.

I've been called them all but other than atheist, I'm actually none of the above.

8:06:00 PM  

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