Friday, January 06, 2012

Not just that river in Egypt - Updated

Always love when this happens. Actual journalism committed by the AP guy following Willard Romney who calls him out on a lie. Willard calls a technical foul, insisting, "Lobbyists don't run my campaign." Which the now disgraced Politifact would no doubt call true, since the lobbyists who run with Willard aren't actually called the campaign managers. They're just advisors insists the chameleon candidate. No way they're influencing his platform in favor of any darn special interests.

Love Willard's strategy here. Same one I used when my mother's friend called her up and ratted me out for smoking cigarettes when I was 14 years old. Repeated vehement denial worked rather well that time, well, along with the suggestion that her friend was just jealous that mom had such an accomplished daughter.

Also have to love how well Willard does with the retail politicking at the end. Notice how he practically knocks down his supporter in his rush to confront AP Glenn? But the biggest take away is Willie's handler berating Glenn for arguing with the candidate. So unprofessional for a reporter to ask rude questions and worse, to expect honest answers. Sadly, the handler is correct. That is not the way the game is played if you expect to keep your seat on the bus, or in Willard's case, on the luxury jet.

[Via jurassicpork who is on a run of bad luck and could use a couple of bucks if you can spare it.]

Update: Posted this vid at Detroit News also where a commenter informed me it was from the 2008 election. Wasn't clear from the new upload, though not much had changed since then. Romney still relies on pure mendacity to fool the rubes and his advisory team is still full of insiders and worse, like the old guard PNAC neo-cons. Bit depressing that this wasn't harking a new mindset for journalists. I see Glenn has now moved over to the Boston Globe.

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