Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Million Voter March - Updated

I am so proud of the Wisconsin Democrats. In some ways, you could say the seeds of the Occupy movement were planted there almost a year ago with the mass demonstrations at the Statehouse. Those beautiful cheeseheads kept up the momentum all this time, with or without media attention, and today they trucked in 1.5 tons of recall petitions.
Democrats and organizers filed petitions Tuesday afternoon with more than a million signatures as they sought to force a recall election against Gov. Scott Walker - a massive number that seems to cement a historic recall election against him for later this year. [...]

The sheer number of signatures being filed against Walker - nearly as many as the total votes cast for the governor in November 2010 and almost twice as many as those needed to trigger a recall election - ensure the election will be held, said officials with the state Democratic Party and United Wisconsin, the group that launched the Walker recall.

"It is beyond legal challenge," said Ryan Lawler, vice chairman of United Wisconsin.
They also handed in many more signatures than required to recall the Lt. Governor and four GOP state senators. Can almost believe that democracy isn't quite dead yet. The system can work. Greg has a video statement from Wisconsin Democratic Party chair Mike Tate.

Update: Since Wisconsin is his adopted state and he's brilliant in general, you should certainly read Charlie Pierce's entire post. But I do want to quote just one line, because the same thought occurred to me when I was reading the story. "The most critical requirement right now is that the Democratic party in Wisconsin avoid a primary at all costs."

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