Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Great SOPA Blackout

Everybody is talking about the internet protest today. At least 7000 websites have blacked out their content or at least part of it. The most noticed has been Wikipedia's blackout since midnight, but the creativity award goes to The Oatmeal. (Fair warning, it's possibly NSFW.) And every geek's favorite cartoon site, xkcd has a good protest page. More here.

Meanwhile, the concerned citizens of the intertoobz have been bombarding Congress with phone calls, emails and tweets. It appears to be working. Congressional sponsors and proponents are dropping out at the speed of light. Interestingly, the GOPers are leading the retreat while I'm still seeing reports that some Dems are holding firm. Actually, maybe someone could explain to me why we have ostensibly progressive Dems like Al Franken and Pat Leahy sponsoring this crappy bill in the first place.

If you need a refresher on what the bill is about, this Barry Eisler interview, this informational page What is SOPA and Clay Shirky at the TED talks should get you up to speed.

In any event, while it appears the internets are winning right now, I feel relatively certain the bill is just withdrawn, it's not dead. I'd suggest you sign the Google petition anyway. Good to let the Congresscreatures know we're watching and we're pissed off. [image via]

Addendum: I'd note my own Dem Congresswoman, Kay Hagan is a sponsor of SOPA and apparently supports another bill that cheats tech workers out of overtime pay. I'd futher note, that I didn't vote for her in the primary and only reluctantly voted for her in the general election. I knew she was going to be trouble from the start. Be happy to see an actual liberal Dem challenge her when her term is up.

Addendum two: More photos.

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The news was all over the place, but neither SOPA - nor PIPA - were all the strangeness

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