Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ain't no doubt about it - Updated

If one can believe the latest numbers I saw on the twitter this morning, the winner in South Carolina tonight is a given. Newt was polling at 40% to Willard's 26%, which is good news for me. But that I mean, my creds as a prognosticator are going up again. Somewhere on the tweetie machine, I predicted that SC would not be the race that crowned Willard as the nominee apparent.

And to say Romney looks a bit awkward when he's down grossly understates the situation as aptly illustrated by this morning's "Hamgate."

Romney steps into Oliver's grits.

Tommy's Ham House in Greenville is a must stop on the campaign trail. Unfortunately, for Willard, both he and Newt were scheduled to arrive at the same time. Newt suggested an impromptu debate but Willard chickened out. He arrived early and rushed out before Newt got there. But he didn't leave before he stepped into Oliver Knox's breakfast. Let's look at that again, in live action.

Of course, Willard and Newt are both awkward when their numbers are down, albeit in different ways. And they're both obnoxious when they're up. So one thing for certain, if Newt's polling holds up in the results, he's going to be simply insufferable going into Florida.

Update: Seems only fair to offer Oliver's eyewitness account of the "Thrilla in Greenvilla."

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