Monday, November 21, 2011

Something to cheer about

Damn straight, this lefty is cheering the collapse of the Supercomittee. It was a stupid idea, designed to attack the wrong problem and "success" for the Supercomittee would have been a disaster for the middle class, or as we're calling ourselves now, the 99%.

Also, even if the establishment media ignores it in favor of their comfy "both sides are guilty" narrative, the reason for the failure is crystal clear no matter how hard the apologists try to spin it. As Greg Sargent so succinctly sums it up:
"Here’s why the supercommittee is failing, in one sentence: Democrats wanted the rich to pay more in taxes towards deficit reduction, and Republicans wanted the rich to pay less in taxes towards deficit reduction."
And by less, the Republicans meant much less. Their "concession" was to permanently lower the top tier tax rate even further to 28% and force the Dems to take responsibility for cruel cuts to the social safety net. Which we all know the GOPers would use as an attack tactic against them in 2012.

As I said in my DetNews post, "This was never a good faith negotiation. This was just another attempt at hostage taking by the GOP. Gratefully, it appears the Democrats called their bluff this time and refused to pay the ransom. Good. No deal is better than yet another bad deal."

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