Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saving my brain - Updated

I almost clicked on the always insipid McMegan because, Wall Street Journal gave her a soapbox today? Not that this should be surprising considering how far downhill the paper has slid since Rupert Murdoch got his grubby paws on it.

In any event, we're all spared from burning up any valuable grey matter on the vapid musings of Ms. McArdle. Thankfully, the gods created TBogg so I don't have to read her. And neither do you. Turns out it's just more pink Himalayan salt rubbed into the wound of our public discourse.

Update: Thanks to DougJ for kindly linking in and providing an actual quote from her post.
A few months ago, I became the proud, and slightly sheepish, owner of what must be the world’s most expensive food processor. The Thermomix costs about $1,500. It not only chops the food but weighs the ingredients and cooks them for you while stirring constantly. Perfect hollandaise and flawless béchamel can be produced in minutes with virtually no effort.
That's our Ms. McMegan. Always exerting as little effort as possible.

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