Sunday, November 13, 2011

GOP debate, Number: too many already - Updated

I only half listened to the "Commander-in-Chief," a/k/a the Parade of Clowns, debate last night. For me, the best moment was when they cut to NCIS. That show is a million times realistic than the hapless fools populating the stage in South Carolina.

It's not even worth reviewing their answers. At this point they're just rewording the standard Tea Party talking points, striving mightily to out-extreme each other. And to the extent that some, (Huntsman and Ron Paul,) made a fleeting bit of sense, well it was drowned out by the death knell for their campaigns.

I will say though, the thing that terrifies me the most about these clowns is that one of them will actually be running for POTUS in just a few months. And even more frightening, no matter who it is, there are people who will vote for them. These would be the same people who cheered waterboarding last night, booed an active duty soldier in Iraq for being gay and heartily applauded allowing a fellow citizen to be condemned to death for failure to afford health insurance at earlier debates.

It's enough to make you wish the Mayans are right.

Update: Just in case you thought I was exaggerating, here's the video proof the audience cheered waterboarding at this GOP debate.

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