Sunday, October 30, 2011

Truly bizarre - Updated 2X

I saw this video mentioned in passing on the twitter machine. Surprised it hasn't circulated more widely but maybe I just missed the buzz. In any event, this is surely the most bizarre Rick Perry speech I've ever seen. I'm with the consensus that he comes off as pretty well drunk. Or drugged. Or just having a nervous breakdown. Or something.

Too hard to embed it, so watch the video here. What do you think? Other than, "OMG, please tell me this man won't ever be President."

Update: Now it's getting some buzz. And to be fair, it's obvious, but I should mention the vid is a bunch of edited clips. Still -- very weird.

Update two: The full 25 minute Perry speech. I didn't watch it. Barely made it through the clips in the first place, but I hear it doesn't look any better in context.

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Blogger davemartin7777 said...

He looks like Pastor Gas.

7:32:00 PM  

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