Saturday, October 08, 2011

Ten million people in the streets

Since I've been preoccupied with grieving the loss of my Dad, I haven't talked about the Occupy Wall Street movement much, but I have been following since day one. And from the first day, the purpose of the protests seemed clear to me. It's not about presenting a list of demands, or issuing some kind of grand manifesto. It was simply about getting people to get off their ass, stop bitching on the internets to each other and get into the streets.

It's about changing the narrative. Or maybe I should taking charge of the narrative. Wresting control of the message from our useless media and bringing it directly into the public square.

And damn if it isn't working. GOPers are running scared.

The conservatives have spent the last 4 decades building a message machine at great expense. These kids who showed up on Wall Street a couple of weeks ago threw a big fat money wrench into the works. The only reason the 99% messaging is complicated is because there's so many problems to solve.

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Blogger Diane said...

That distant noise you hear is this old broad clapping loudly.

If we've gotten even one of our owners nervous, we're making headway.

8:16:00 AM  
Blogger Capt. Fogg said...

Yes, but while you're out in that street, please don't make it easy for the propaganda machine to write you off as loonies by acting like loonies; as vandals by vandalizing property of the locals and making a mess of places where other people live. That's the kind of self-interested greed we're trying to oppose - right?

Yes, I was out in the streets in '68 too and while I was there they were working on our children, propagandizing them and vilifying us and creating another generation of monsters, many of them the ones who ruined our country and are still giggling about "hippies."

It's a many headed beast and while you're trying to cut one off, the other is biting you on the ass and still another one is eating your children.

10:48:00 AM  
Blogger Jerry said...

Already, there have been several interviews with loons who spew antisemitism. They are not winning and they don't have the GOP running scared. That is wishful thinking, nothing more than the memories of an uneducated old hippy as she strolls down memory lane.

Sure Fogg, they won't commit acts of violence or vandalism. Just like the $8 million of non-damage they did to the capital building in Madison. Only the completely informed (an average Democrat) believe that staged idiocy to be anything other that the diversion that it is. The demands of those morons prove that they are delusional idiots, useful to the Democrats in diverting attention from the failure of that racist ex-crackhead Marxist ass in the Oval Office.

5:18:00 PM  
Blogger Capt. Fogg said...

Several interviews - several! just as I said, someone will select one or two out of one or two hundred thousand and call it "typical" Thanks for confirming it, but really Jerry, you should proofread. You meant "uninformed" not "informed" buy hey - same thing, right? Have another - drinks are on me.

5:18 PM and already hammered? You illustrate my point and if you had skipped the last couple of shots you face would be red from embarrassment instead of from the Jack Daniels.

You do know that holding Wall Street and the banks accountable for selling bad securities and fraudulent accounting and other scams has nothing to do with Marxism, despite your exhaustive knowledge of economic theory. In fact the Tea Party harbors similar sentiments. And you know that a huge majority of (undoubtedly ex-hippie) Americans agree they should be accountable and in some cases punished and that the "uninformed" communist rabble contain more economists than you've ever read. Hell, one economist is more than you've ever read, not to mention Marx or those other Commies like Adam Smith and John Keynes and Ronald Reagan or Dwight Eisenhower.

But you're really not an economist Jerry, are you? Maybe you swept the floor in a Dirtroit Holiday Inn, or carried an economist's suitcase, but you really have no qualifications to talk about anything, much less to indulge yourself in incoherent, self-contradictory and delusional rage -- and if you did, I'd have to be cynical and ask why you are where you are, while an old hippie, Marxist, Pinko, Commie, delusional moron, ex-crackhead lives down here with the millionaires, with the mansions and yachts and fancy cars and art collections while you are where you are; blaming straw men for your failures.

If Obama is a Marxist, then why is he being taken to task for continuing George Bush's policies, tax cuts and wars and why is he defending the banks and brokers who gave us the Crash, back when that ex-alcoholic, crackhead cowboy was president? How is he a Marxist if he's in the pocket of the Banks and brokerage houses? You know, mixing your drinks like that is going to give you one bad headache.

Sure -- it's Obama's fault That George ran up the biggest and fastest growing debt in history by borrowing trillions for his wars, wasting more billions on expanding the government payroll, tapping our phones and searching our private records without probable cause -- telling us that debt doesn't matter and it will all pay for itself if he gives guys like me another 3% off the top. Yes sir, I'm a delusional idiot up to my ears in money, listening to the dirt dogs of Dirt-roit defending the master who kicks them -- not you -- what with all your credentials as a financial expert, historian, industrialist, financier and economist. You just gave all your millions to charity, otherwise you'd have the spondulix to go along with the ethanol fueled tantrum.

You're out of your league Jerry and I don't mean your bowling league. I'm sure you're a great bowler.

10:07:00 AM  

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