Saturday, September 24, 2011

World views

It's a gloomy grey day here in the little city. Not feeling very inspired by the news at the moment so here's some links I've been saving up for a while.

Think this temporary exhibit is long since past, but loved the idea. David Byrne's charming new art installation in NYC.

Not sure why I don't follow isardasorensen on the twitter. I love her photos and she posts great links to local NYC stories. Thinking I'll probably just put her blog on my blogroll where she posts just her own photos. But here's a few of her better shots: Early morning Saturday sky. And her sunset photos are always great. This sunset too.

Meanwhile in Texas, the pictures aren't so soothing. But dramatic. In case you happened to miss this one, Downtown Austin with the Bastrop fire in the background. And this video of a dust devil in Garland, Texas is the biggest one I've ever seen.

Moving on to Paris, France that is, this photo also made the rounds but it's the most incredible storm photo ever. Exact moment the Eiffel Tower was struck by a huge bolt of lightning.

I just love stuff like this. Comes with an article. Ancient bridge is engineered from living trees. Takes a long time to build one but they last forever.

This link explores the inner realms of the human mind and it blew mine. The McGurk Effect. Even if you know the trick, you can't make it stop without closing your eyes.

And to end on a somewhat lighter note, they're so not PC, but I love these old toons. I watched them all as a kid and managed to grow up without becoming a bigot. Walt Disney's version of Hell back when their toons were edgy instead of safe. Tell me the guys who drew this stuff weren't on drugs, but I won't believe you.

[Hat tips to Hudsonette, HoneyBearKelly, Terry, Moonbootica and Brian Beutler.]

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