Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New blog on the block

And the internets rejoice. Lot of people linking to this post at Charles P. Pierce's new blog at Esquire. And it's a good one. My favorite grafs:
It is not possible to run for president as a Republican these days without at some level having to become a parody of yourself. Running within a radicalized, self-contained universe with its own private, physical laws and its own private history, with its own vocabulary and syntax that has to be learned from scratch almost daily, requires an ongoing manic re-invention that can do nothing but make the candidate look ridiculous to people outside that universe. [...]

Kristol, of course, is the yeast behind the intellectual ferment that has produced, in order, Dan Quayle, George W. Bush, and Sarah Palin. A sane country party would be wondering at this point about a party that takes this person seriously as a political thinker and a public intellectual. If Bill Kristol went to the track, he'd bet on the fucking starting gate. Nevertheless, he is what passes for a wise man in a party that has surrendered utterly to its intellectual Id.
But as I was cruising through the offerings, it was his post on Obama's Linked-In town hall that I commented on in response to some lame con who basically spewed out some crap as an excuse to promote his business.

Wouldn't normally mention a random comment but something weird happened. I'm sure I unclicked the post to Facebook button before I commented, yet when I checked in at FB there were three likes to that offsite comment listed in my mentions drop down. Far as I can see, it's not posting to my page, and I have no expectation of privacy for anything I post on the internet, but still, that's a bit too connected without my express permission, even for me.

Nonetheless, I do love me some Charles P. Pierce so he's going on the blogroll.

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