Saturday, September 24, 2011

Another day in the clown car - Updated

The GOP 2012 race just keeps getting weirder. Now that everybody is pissed off at their former hero Perry for calling them heartless during the last debate, it appears Herman Cain is going to win today's Florida straw poll. Which means exactly nothing in terms of the nomination, but does nicely illustrate just how erratic the GOP base has become with their purity tests.

Meanwhile, the very serious money guys are desperately in search of a new savior. Enter Chris Christie who is now rumored to be very seriously considering reconsidering his decision to sit 2012 out. Unnamed sources from Pravda on the Potomac say they won't take no for an answer:
“They’re hesitant about Romney and Perry has not lived up to their expectations — he’s too cowboy,” said the former chair. “So they’re looking for a different feel.”
Given the current mindest of the base, what could be better than loudmouth New Jersey thuggery? I guess they forgot the gasbag governor doesn't always stick to the script. He appointed a Muslim judge, he believes in manmade climate change and he doesn't sufficiently hate on "the illegals" enough.

Of course, it's still early and he could overcome those obstacles. I mean, nobody thought McCain could win in 08 at this point in the race either. And Christie is rude, obnoxious and tries his best always to piss off liberals. Base loves that stuff. Which makes me wonder, if he did win, who would he pick as a VP?

Update: And it's official. Pizza King Cain wins the straw poll. By a lot.

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