Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Today's conservatism

Not sure I agree with Doug J that Mittens can't win the nomination. At this point, anything is still possible. And as I said on the twitter yesterday, I'm not really willing to spend a lot of time analyzing the current media man-crush on Gov. Goodhair. They love Ricky because he's colorful and easy to cover. The daily soundbytes write themselves.

But I'm pretty sure he's going to flash and burn like a big old pile of crumpled up newspaper now that the media has lit that match. Thinking Goodhair will turn out to be the new Fred Thompson. He'll probably last longer, because he's not boring and he has more fire in the belly than old Fred. But the tea pleasing bombast that worked for him in Texas is going to scare the old people and what's left of the moderate indys as he becomes better known. Hell, I already have tons of damaging oppo archived on him. Just not going to bother to use it unless he actually starts to look like a serious contender.

All that being said, I linked to Doug J's post, because he flagged the most nicely articulated definition of conservatism I've seen yet. From long time Balloon Juicer Cleek:
"Today’s conservatism is the opposite of what liberals want today: updated daily."
Everybody in the GOP's clown car is desparately trying to deliver it but ironically, the one who delivers it best will be the worst possible choice. Admit as much as it worries me, given the quirks of the electorate, they might win, on some level, I find it vastly amusing.

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