Thursday, August 04, 2011


As is her wont, Megan McArdle was wrong about something today and the world wonders why doesn't The Atlantic fire her? Me, I wonder why does anybody bother reading her? But I do have a pretty good idea why they don't fire her.

It's precisely because she is always so wrong. Spectacularly, smugly, comprehensively, irritatingly wrong. So wrong, it's apparently irresistable to correct her. She's catnip for the correct. Everybody expounds at length about her wrongness. Atlantic gets lots of traffic. If people could resist her siren call of ineptitude, and ignore her, they might fire her. They surely never will as long as she generates such enormous amounts of attention.

I've been blissfully Megan free for most of my life. I only purposely read her once when she still called herself Jane Galt. I had no idea who she was back then. I only read her because she criticized my post about Fred Thompson and his "trophy wife." She was wrong about that too, but pretty sure it was her post that got Andrew Sullivan's attention and then my post went viral. So in a way, I guess I kind of owe her, but I'm still not going to read her again. I have enough irration in my life already.

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