Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why I cancelled my cable

When I was young, I went for years at time without even owning a teevee. When I finally bought one, I subscribed to cable mainly to get the weather station and CNN. Back in those days, the weather station did continuous weather and CNN actually reported real news. When I moved about two and half years ago, I didn't bother to subscribe to cable.

Can't say I've really missed it. There's nothing of value on it anymore. Weather station barely shows the weather maps anymore and cable news - well -- last week's stats on "news" coverage says it all. GOPers are actively sabotaging our future by courting economic disaster solely for political gain, they're courted on the bobblehead shows where they're allowed to spew an endless stream of outright lies and while our country is rushing to hell in a hand basket, the number one story of last week was Anthony Weiner's dick. Furthermore, cable "news" historically devotes fully one third of its air time to Congressional sex scandals. I assume that doesn't include Hollywood scandals and stupid soundbyte frenzies over meaningless trivia. There's actually a story on the front page of MSN home page today asking whether Michelle Obama got a hair cut.

Network news is marginally better. I can get the nets for free with rabbit ears and a converter on my now ancient teevee. So why should I pay for the crap the cables are selling? I refuse to financially support the media's new business model. It's a disgraceful dereliction of their duty as journalists and it's destroying civil society. If everyone cancelled their subscriptions, maybe they would get the message and start doing their job again. [Graphic via Crunchgear.]

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Blogger Capt. Fogg said...

I have to disagree. HBO puts out magnificent stuff and there's the History channel, Smithsonian, Discovery, a couple of Liberal outlets like Link TV not available anywhere else -- Al Jazeera, BBC, Deutsche Welle, Planet Green. . . .

And besides, I love old movies! ( and new)

And of course it's in HD.

10:20:00 AM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

I only had HBO once when I very first got cable. But I think most of their shows are eventually available as a series on DVD, aren't they? I think most of the good stuff is eventually available on DVD.

Also, I'm not really a big tv watcher in general. Admit I do miss getting the BBC news program, but it used to air at an odd time and I often missed it anyway. Besides, there's not much you can't get on the internets and I generally prefer reading to watching something. It's quicker.

5:33:00 PM  

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