Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stupid frat boy tricks

If the Republicans could get any more juvenile, I don't want to know how. One would wish the NRSC's latest frat boy trick is as low as they could go. Suppose it's a fool's hope with these good ole boys though.
The NRSC has created new website to win friends and raise the bar for respectful political debate ::snort:: sorry, couldn’t keep a straight face while typing that. The URL for the site is demsplanforamerica.com, and when you visit, you find… get this… a blank web page.
But that's not the really lame part. Then they promoted the website by posting a bunch of fake retweets on Twitter, impersonating President Obama and leading Democrats. Screen grabs at Angry Black Lady's link above. I would think it should be illegal to impersonate the President without some kind of disclaimer, but I suppose they'll get away with it. The media certainly didn't seem interested in reporting it. You know the drill. IOKIYAR.

Meanwhile, in completely unrelated news, you'll recall Mitt Romney's "joke" at a meet and greet with unemployed Floridians last week? Well, here's how Mitt is struggling with his unemployment:
At one table, a boy offered Romney a $1 bill that he had folded origami-style for good luck. The candidate happily accepted it, but then rifled through his wallet looking for money to give the boy in return. Romney had a $100 bill, but evidently did not want to give that away. An aide handed him a $1 bill, but Romney said that wasn’t enough.

Then, deep inside his leather billfold, Romney found a $5 bill. “We’ll give you an Abraham Lincoln back,” he said, handing it to the boy.
That's our Mittens. Man of the people. I mean, finding an Honest Abe among the Ben Franklins is such a common problem these days.

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