Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Japan rejects reliance on nuclear energy

In the aftermath of the tsunami and the ensuing disasters at their seaside nuclear power plants, Japan announced it will "start from scratch" on its long term energy policy.
Kan told a news conference that nuclear and fossil fuel used to be the pillars of Japanese energy policy but now it will add two more – renewable energy such as solar, wind and biomass, and an increased focus on conservation.
Good choice. And on a related note, a new report by the UN's IPCC, said that renewable energy could account for 80% of the world's energy supply by 2050 – but only if governments pursue the right policies.

In other words we could still mitigate man-made climate disruption if only our political class could find the will to do what's best collectively for all, instead of what is politically expedient for their own short term interests. Not planning to hold my breath while I'm waiting.

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