Thursday, April 07, 2011

Why the GOPers won't back down on a shutdown

The Republicans only have themselves to blame. They told these unhinged people to believe they speak for the majority of Americans and they lied to get them enraged. I suspect the GOPers thought they could direct the rage solely against Democrats. Don't think it's working out quite as they expected.

Found this post, the work of some nutjob in Arizona, entitled Cantor Shut Down The Damned Government, when I was looking for something else. The salient quotes:
We have 545 snakes in D.C. who are supposed to be working for us, but it appears that Dems and Repubs alike are working for themselves instead.
435 congress people
100 Senators
9 Supreme Court Justices
1 Usurper
545 Total

Here is a quote from Claire Wolf’s book, 101 Things to do Till the Revolution Starts:
“It is too late to work within the system, and it is too early to shoot the bastards”, however, here is a little more math for your consideration.

1 9MM round costs approximately .89 cents.

.89 cents X 545 = $485.05, a lot less than $14 Trillion dollars wouldn’t you say? [...]

Mr. Boehner, we gave you and your bunch a chance in this last election, however it seems you are back to business as usual.

Do you people not know how to deal honestly and straight up with folks instead of always making some kind of sly underhanded game out of everything?

You might want to keep the General Patton Policy in mind which I mentioned a few paragraphs ago.
I figure this is far from the only Tea Party Patriot ranting about Second Amendment Solutions on the internets, and probably he's all talk, but these days you never know. I wouldn't blame Boehner for being scared. Hell, I'm a little scared for him.

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