Monday, April 25, 2011

Shakeup on DOMA defense

I usually leave the commentary on gay rights issues to the many fine bloggers who specialize in the genre, but this is worth archiving in general. By now you know that our oh so fiscally concerned Speaker Boehner commited half a million taxpayer dollars to defending the atrocious DOMA law because the White House decided not to defend it. The defense was to be led by a former Bush era official, Paul Clement, at a high priced DC firm.

Today it was announced the firm is withdrawing its representation and Clement resigned from the firm. However he'll still be working for Boehner on the case.
Clement will be joining Bancroft PLLC, according to a press release from the firm, which is led by former Bush administration officials. Viet Dinh, who was an assistant attorney general from 2001-2003, is a founding partner, and H. Christopher Bartolomucci, who served as an associate counsel to President Bush between 2001-2003, is a partner.

"Paul has argued 53 Supreme Court cases and knocked them out of the park," said Dinh. "He earned the respect of all the Justices and wowed the bar. Clients trust Paul and Bancroft with their biggest cases and toughest problems. Paul is a perfect fit with Bancroft, where we are building the next great law firm."

Clement said that he has known the Bancroft partners for more than 20 years.

"They put clients first and deliver results," he said in the statement. "Bancroft offers its clients premier talent, without all the baggage of a mega firm. We are shaking up the D.C. legal establishment.”
Shaking up or shaking down? Hard to tell the difference with that crew. Think Progress has more.

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