Monday, April 25, 2011

SCOTUS kicks back health reform challenge

heNo surprise here. SCOTUS declines to fast track Virginia's health care reform challenge. There's no compelling legal reason to do so, what with three federal cases coming up in early summer. And politically, this is not a fight the GOPers wanted to win. Steve M is right. The Republicans need this wedge issue to compensate for a very weak 2012 field.

I'd add the denial works for the GOP anyway. They can tell the gullible faithful that hey, they tried, and those darn out of touch courts thwarted their best efforts. As long as the base stays distracted by their anger at the others, it's all good. In a way you have to give the GOPers some credit on a tactical level for finding a way to create that endless wave of misdirected rage in their base. They've surfed to underserved victories on it for many elections.

Steve is also right that it probably won't be decided until at least 2013. No way a Roberts court is going to touch this before the election. If they ruled against the law, it would energize the left and leave their base complacent with the victory. If they ruled against the challenge -- well -- I'm not sure I want to share the possibilities that spring to mind.

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