Saturday, March 12, 2011

Workers still rocking Wisconsin

Cons in my circle were cheering the GOP bum's rush of Walker's bill and proclaiming the end of the protest movement. Wishful thinking. Bless the workers of Wisconsin for leading the way, even as the media studiously ignores or minimizes the uprising. This is what fighting for democracy looks like.

Photo via and another shot here. You'll notice there's not room for lawn chairs. And they've been there every day, through sun and snow storms.

Not seeing much coverage from the corporate media. I guess it doesn't fit the narrative of real Murkins. But twitter tells me there are about 100-150K literally surrounding the Capitol in Madison. Peacefully chanting. Recall!

Can't help but think if the Tea Party had managed to sustain a three week long protest like this, the "lamestream media" would be doing 24/7 live feeds.

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