Sunday, March 20, 2011

Speak with Conviction

News is too depressing so a little mental health break. I don't have any luck embedding Vimeo vids, but for language lovers, click over and watch Speak with Conviction, an illustrated graphical poem that literally made me laugh out loud -- several times. Perfect summation of our social dialogue these days and a very important message besides.

Hope this link works even for non-FB users. Too funny graphic. How much I've thought about what I would do in a disaster.

I'll drink to that... "The bi-partisan BEER bill would give a tax break to an industry we all love -- microbreweries."

Fun photo gallery of Lego Star Wars and other action movies.

Never much felt the call to travel to India, but I would like to see this incredible Hindu architecture in real life.

Love that dirty water. Nice shot of afternoon sun on the Charles at the Mass Ave Bridge.

These are always great. Winning images from National Wildlife's 2010 photo competition.

Didn't actually look at this because my old 'puter won't download panaromas, but sounds very cool. First ever panoramic view of entire Sun from NASA's Stereo mission.

[Hat tips to Dependable Renegade, hudsonette and Stephen Banks.]

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