Sunday, March 20, 2011

No-fly over country

I don't want to talk about this mess in Libya. Not seeing much difference between enforcing a no-fly zone and Bush's flypaper theory. Both end up with a lot messy dead bodies to deal with, or more likely ignore. I am grateful to hear our soldiers won't be on the ground, but I'm not sure I believe it. Iraq was supposed to be just a few short surgical strikes too, as I recall. You remember. Shock and Awe. Mission Accomplished.

And then there's the cost. Twitter tells me, "110 Tomahawk Missiles fired into Libya. $1 million per missile. That's $110 million.Or double the amount just cut from NPR." For one afternoon. So where the hell are the oh so fiscally concerned conservatives? Capt. Fogg may have a clue. From a few days ago:
In the case of those now slamming Obama for not already having launched a military operation in support of Libyan rebels, those amateur Generals may well be more expert in prostitution than military operations, because if the President does decide to send in the bombers and fighters he'll surely be chastised as thoroughly as he was for hesitating -- and by the same people. For Republicans, of course, it would be a crime to make their base pay a dime for this, a sin to let NPR have a penny, but when it comes to another war, there will always be billions left to borrow and squeeze out of the serfs.
It's all too obvious, this is going to be another war for oil. As SoBeale says today, because our other wars are going so well? She imagines a future where alternative energy is a real policy goal of our Very Serious People. And sure it can't happen overnight. It might cost more in the short run, but hey you have to start somewhere. And this is the quote of the day on that:
The point is, we don't need to have the entire puzzle figured out to start putting the first pieces together.
And speaking of oil, funny how the establishment media hasn't mentioned this catch by SoBeale. There's a mysterious 100 mile long oil slick in the Gulf. Spring breakers finding oil still washing up on shore all over the place. Nothing to see here.

So let's not develop green energy and pin our kid's future to a toxic fossil fuel that is rapidly being depleted. Hell, by the time it runs out, the planet will probably be uninhabitable anyway and we can die with all that extra money in our pockets.

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