Sunday, March 20, 2011

GOP Values - Part One

I'm very late in starting this but in the interests of archiving the history of Republican values in practice I've decided to try to do a regular series of linky posts to keep track of it all. The aim is to create a guide for future reference. Figuring a lot of commentary isn't really necessary. This stuff speaks for itself. So part one begins today:

Kansas GOPer, state Rep. Virgil Peck says it might be a good idea to control illegal immigration with gunmen shooting from helicopters, the same way they deal with feral pigs. After the public outrage, he claims he was "just joking." Ha. Ha.

In New Hampshire, a doddering 92 year old state House Rep. resigned after his "joke" about sending the mentally ill on a one-way trip to Siberia caused an uproar. "He also said population growth and mental illness could be controlled with eugenics, a form of genetic engineering commonly associated with Hitler's Germany." He was "just joking" too. Regular laugh riot.

Florida GOP golden boy now in DC, David Rivera under investigation for earlier financial fraud while serving in state government.
The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is examining Rivera’s financial dealings prior to arriving in Congress. Investigators are reportedly examining what role if any then-state Rep. Rivera played in helping to secure a more than $500,000 consulting contract for a firm controlled by his mother and godmother.

The Miami Herald reported last month that investigators were also looking into Rivera’s relationship with political consultant Esther Nuhfer, who has reportedly received more than $800,000 from Rivera’s campaigns since 2006, and who took in $250,000 from Rivera’s aborted 2010 state Senate candidacy.
Failed New York candidate, millionaire Carl Paladino reneges on his campaign debts, screwing many of the people who worked on trying to get him elected.

This story never really got legs, but one of the Wisconsin statehouse GOPers is living out of his district, with a very young mistress, according to his wife. He's one of the Republicans eligible for recall

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