Saturday, March 05, 2011

GOP Job Killers - Scott Walker edition

Shorter Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker: Dear Democrats. Come back so I can pass my odious union busting bill or 1,500 innocent people get the ax.
It seems that Scott Walker fancies himself the Wisconsin version of Chris Christie, but he's finding out you have to be a big fat jerk with a Joisey accent to get away with shameless bullying. The polling shows Wisconsin voters aren't impressed by Jersey style thuggery. Not even Rasmussen can spin the numbers in his favor. His approval is tanking, and rumor has it, some GOPers in the state legislature are ready to defect on the union busting portion of the bill.

Additionally, though he says he doesn't pay attention to the polls, it appears the Governor's resolve may be weakening.
In the Thursday interview, Walker said he remained firm on the core of his proposal but also acknowledged the provision forcing workers to vote every year on their unions' status wouldn't save local governments money.
Neither will abolishing collective bargaining, or many of the other lesser known provisions like privatizing the health care program for the poor and elderly, with an obvious eye towards reducing the coverage.

Meanwhile, though the protesters have been locked out of the Capitol, the protests continue unabated outside the building, which the most heartening aspect of this whole debacle. I haven't been this proud of my fellow Americans in a very long time.

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