Sunday, February 27, 2011

You say you want a revolution

The usual hardcore, farthest fringe right wingnuts are still desperately searching for union thuggery, and/or doing their best to invent or incite some, but after 12 days of continuous protests no arrests have been made in Wisconsin. In fact, the protesters have been remarkably loud but peaceful. As Madison Police spokesman Joe DeSpain said, "This is one of the largest sustained protests we have seen in Madison since the Vietnam War. And to my knowledge there were absolutely no problems."

But I think what's really making the Koch'd dupes crazy is they can't muster their deluded fans:
No "Tea Party" supporters of the proposal championed by Republican Gov. Scott Walker were spotted on Saturday. They staged a smaller rally of their own in Madison a week ago.
They're frantically declaring Solidarity Day a failure because they hate that the liberals are driving the narrative now. As is should be if we're to reclaim civil society. Like the man once said:

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