Saturday, February 26, 2011

Standing with Wisconsin - Solidarity Rallies

Well the same "liberal" media who played every gathering of three or more teabag toting Obama haters as a huge game-changer, is downplaying the nationwide demostrations in solidarity with Wisconsin union workers today. As John Cole tweeted a little while ago, "CNN finally mentioned the nationwide protests as the 5 second lede to a five minute piece on the 2nd b-day of the tea party." Don't forget this is same "liberal" news source that embedded for weeks on the Koch Brothers Tea Party Express bus.

Thankfully, thanks to the internets, the events can at least be documented, if not disseminated to the masses via the nightly news. There are incoming links at this Balloon Juice post, including these photos from Lansing, MI.

The attendance numbers vary but even the reddest states are seeing decent turnouts. And of course, Solidarity Central is in Wisconsin where TPM is reporting a massive turnout at the Madison Statehouse, that dwarfs last Saturday's protest. And this on a day when "it's 17 degrees Fahrenheit with heavy snow coming down."

Walker probably thought he would quell the rebellion when he got the bill rammed through the Assemby, but I don't think it's working out quite the way he expected. TPM reports 70K before the rally even began. I've seen several estimates at 100K since which includes about 100 off duty cops who joined the protesters. That may put a crimp in Walker's plan to get the police to disperse the crowds.

Elsewhere, First Draft has ongoing, must read coverage from day one to this hot minute. Just start at the top and scroll.

My long time fav, Roy Edroso covers NYC as only a resident New Yorker can.

Raw Story is running live updates from around the country.

Some Chicago rally photos and videos.

And one picture from L.A..

I'll update if anything striking comes in, but the point is -- this is a big f*cking deal -- and the corporate media is frantically trying to spin it into something very small. The people arising against the right wing fanatics isn't in their book of hallowed narratives.

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Blogger Thomas said...

Here a post and some video about the DC one (about a thousand people).

3:58:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Thanks Thomas. Love your blog.

6:02:00 PM  

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