Sunday, February 27, 2011

Payback's a bitch Mr. Ailes

Having seen the rich and powerful escape justice so many times, I don't want to get too excited until this actually happens, but how satisfying would it be to see the bad Roger Ailes go down?
Here’s what I learned recently: Someone I spoke with claimed that Ailes was scheduled to speak at their event in March, but canceled. It appears that Roger’s people, ostensibly using a clause in his contract, said he “cannot appear for legal reasons.”

I asked “What, precisely, does that mean?”

The response: “Roger Ailes will be indicted — probably this week, maybe even Monday.”
This stems from his demanding that Judith Regan, fomerly of HarperCollins, lie about her affair with Bernie Kerik in order to protect Aile's pal Rudy Giuliani. Rumor has it, Ms. Regan has the call on tape. As they say, developing...

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