Sunday, February 13, 2011

Not just Fox

We all know that Fox is not news but really how different are the Sunday bobblehead programs? This week John McCain appears twice among an all GOP lineup of guest "experts" on Egypt. This is not out of the ordinary. Fox may be the most blatant, but on the whole the entire major TV media functions as a propaganda organ for Republicans.

Of course Fox remains the worst offender. Its employees are required to become journalistic snipers in a relentless character assassination of Democrats. Media Matters provides the latest proof of Fox's corruption, albeit via an anonymous insider.
The source continues: “I don’t think people understand that it’s an organization that’s built and functions by intimidation and bullying, and its goal is to prop up and support Republicans and the GOP and to knock down Democrats. People tend think that stuff that’s on TV is real, especially under the guise of news. You’d think that people would wise up, but they don’t.”
I don't usually like to link to anon sources but I trust Media Matters and there's a compelling reason to offer anonymity in this case. I recommend a read in full in if you missed it. But getting back to co-option of the entire TV media.
The former insider admits to being perplexed in late 2009 when the Obama White House called out Murdoch’s operation as not being a legitimate news source, only to have major Beltway media players rush to the aid of Fox News and admonish the White House for daring to criticize the cable channel.

“That blew me away,” says the source, who stresses the White House’s critique of Fox News “happens to be true.”
Lord knows I've tried and I can't forget Jake Tapper's "sister organization" defense of Fox at that time. It still rankles to this day.

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