Friday, January 14, 2011

Straight shooters

I've been thinking about how many of our commonly used expressions use violent imagery. I suppose it's not surprising since our history from the very birth of the nation has been steeped in wars. I used to have a running joke about this particular phrase with a regular customer at the place I bartended. It's all about context really and I suppose there wasn't any deliberate evil intent when this was put up but I'm glad to see this happen all the same:
"Clear Channel Outdoor management in Tucson quickly elected to take down this ad - believing that discussion of its interpretation would not contribute to the desire for healing in the Tucson community," Clear Channel said.

The joke by the way between me and Al was, "You and me pal. We're straight shooters in a corkscrew world." Of course we were talking about beer and a shot of booze.


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