Wednesday, January 26, 2011

SOTU 2011

I fell asleep about a half hour in so I missed the speeches. Working today so I'll have to catch up transcript later. What I did see I thought was good, if not quite as inspiring as the Tucson speech, but that was a hard act to follow. But in any event, it played well in Peoria, according to this CBS poll, 91 percent approved of Obama's proposals.

Looking at the reactions, consenus seems to be the official GOP response by Paul Ryan was boring and he failed to mention his famous roadmap that calls for privatizing Social Security and Medicare.

Really sorry I missed crazy-eyed Michele Bachmann's response. I'm hearing it was a major train wreck and filled with inaccuracies, or as we like to call them around here -- bald faced lies. The most interesting part is while her speech was endorsed by the corporate sponsored Tea Party Express, the independent Tea Party Patriots were pissed that she was being touted as giving the "official Tea Party response. They say she doesn't speak for them. Hope that one gets youtubed. I really want to see her delivery.

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