Monday, January 31, 2011

Protesters converge on Koch brother's confab

Kind of feel like I'm in a 60s flashback this week what with all the protesting going on. Of course, most eyes are turned to Egypt but here at home, over a thousand activists gathered outside the gates of a exclusive resort where the Koch brothers were hosting one of their periodic con-cons. These invitation only events where the rich and powerful scheme to take over the world have formerly operated under the radar, but no more.

David Dayen in an eye-witness account reports 25 were intentionally arrested but overall it was a peaceful protest. The LAT and NYT has more coverage and quotes from the crowd, who were chanting "this is only the beginning."

Thinking it's a tiny step forward that a "lefty" protest is being covered by the major media who found it easy to ignore hundreds of thousands of peace protesters only a few years ago. Also finding it mildly amusing and entirely appropriate that this con-con is being held in a town called Rancho Mirage. Considering how much their success in fooling the rubes relies entirely on smoke and mirrors, what could be more appropriate?

[Big thanks to "A Writer at Balloon Juice", (formerly DougJ DougJson), for the kind link.]

[Thanks also to Elspeth at The Atlantic Wire for the kind link.]

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