Thursday, January 27, 2011

Never forget - Brisenia Flores

It's a sad fact of our infotainment "news" delivery service that only missing white girls get coverage:
You've heard all about Christina Green, but do you know about Brisenia Flores? Like Christina, Brisenia was 9 years old, and she also lived in Pima County, Arizona, not far from Tucson. Like Christina, she was gunned down in cold blood by killers with strange ideas about society and politics. [...]

As her mother tells it, 9-year-old Brisenia Flores had begged the border vigilantes who had just broken into her house, "Please don't shoot me."

But they did -- in the face at point-blank range, prosecutors allege, as Brisenia's father sat dead on the couch and her mother lay on the floor, pretending that she too had been killed in the gunfire.
The perps were a crazy Minuteman woman, stoked into action by attending a Tea Party rally and her unhinged Aryan Nation type partner. This sounds familiar doesn't it?
"This is the time for all Americans to join organizations and REVOLT!!!," she wrote in a blog post that was retrieved from the Google cache by Lemons. "Refuse to be part of a system only designed to enslave you and your children. Times will be worse before they get worse. *Say no to illegal immigration* Lock and Load, Shawna Forde."
Brisenia Flores is course Hispanic. The President didn't speak at her funeral. The major news networks barely mentioned her in passing. Even now, with Forde on trial for the murders, it's not getting much play outside the blogs. Of course, if Brisenia was a white girl we would have seen the JonBenet Ramsey treatment. And if the defendant was Hispanic or other person of color who shot a white child in cold blood, one expects it would be a matter of great interest to our TV mavens. Because that fits their standard narrative.

The disparity is sad and so very wrong.

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