Sunday, January 30, 2011

Isn't she lovely...

Since I worked for her Dad for 20 years, I've known Jo Newman just about all of her life. I spent a lot of time with that family and literally watched her grow up. I was practically an adopted aunt to her. I still vividly recall the day she informed me she was the perfect child. She wasn't idly boasting. She was always perfect. Even in adolescence she never went through that awkward gawky stage that most teenagers do. She was always confident and a ridiculously high achiever.

We lost touch when she left to go to college and I just googled her on a whim. Just wow. She's a model.

And she's an actress now. Can't imbed this one, but here's the link to her agent's reel.

And she co-starred in a hit movie, Love and Other Drugs. Damn, they grow so fast. Now she's the perfect woman.


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