Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gee, thanks - Updated

I don't have a big tracking system for my blogs and don't always have time to check my sitemeter referrals so I often miss links. But I happened to catch Harry and Helen Highwater of Unknown News saying something nice about me behind my back.
I nominate Libby Spencer as Secretary of the Treasury, as this brief piece demonstrates a better understanding of basic economics than I've seen from anyone in the Obama administration.
Thanks. Blushing with gratitude for the sweet props.

Also thanks to Gary Farber for the kind link. That was very sweet of you, Gary.

Update: I really should check more often so I can properly thank my detractors. Just did a quick google and found lots of critics who've linked to me in the last eighteen months or so. Couple of fresh ones though. Rick Moran name checks me in a post at David Horowitz' Front Page magazine about Rep. Cohen's Nazi analogy. And earlier in the month National Journal jumps on my DetNews post pointing out polling shows most Americans actually do think the rich could pay a bit more in taxes. Who knew they were even reading me?

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Blogger Gary Farber said...

De nada.

Two words of advice: "Google Alerts."

11:27:00 PM  
Blogger Gary Farber said...

Er, and since Profile isn't working, I trust you'll forgive me if I mention that I also live over here at Obsidian Wings part-time, too. :-)

See ya on teh interwebs! When I can. How did these pipes get so big? Stop writing so much, people!

At least all you stupid ones! :-)

xkcd 386! (And everyone knows to mouse over for the punchline, right? Of course you do!)

Incidentally, I only caught this because of Google Alert on my own name, and I have no idea if you read this, or the much better, somewhat different, version here.

Hope to be doing more "content" on teh interwebs, soon, but, um, I have my own problems I haven't remotely written up in a coherent way yet.

But I will more than hint that a look at the current sidebar of Amygdala now has some more clear clues, if some fanatic studies it with a magnifying glass.

I hope to write a coherent post about my own situation, um, when I can. But that's still very difficult for me.

Meanwhile, keep up your own great work!

That's paying us all back, and paying it forward.

But if you want to help me out painlessly: I'm not going to complain to anyone who blogrolls Amygdala or even ObWi let alone both.


"Painless" depends on how much one wants to argue with one's Blogger template, of course. I'm currently battling mine. :-) And Typepad, too. :-)

11:39:00 PM  
Blogger Gary Farber said...

While I'm blathering about myself, and speaking of detractors, while I've been called, um, many things, this post contains some of my favorites. And that was just a a sample of one comment thread.

Good thing I've been at this game a long time. That sort of thing just makes me fall off my chair laughing.

Which hurts with the gout, so I try to do it only metaphorically.

But, really, people try to be more creative with your insults. It would be much more impressive.

I did give personal points to whomever it was who said "Farber is a mendoucheous twatwaffle of the highest order. When he is not lying, he is prolly felching underage goats."

That at least showed that someone could write two sentences in English. :-)

11:45:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

LOL Gary. And thanks so much for the kind donation. Although we don't interact I do see you around the tubes often and have been reading you for years so I'm aware of your basic situation and appreciate that you leave yourself short to help me.

And yeah, I've been at this long enough to ignore the criticism, or laugh at it.

Also, I'll certainly put you on the blogroll here. Should have done it years ago, but I'm really bad about updating the template.

7:48:00 AM  
Blogger Gary Farber said...

"Should have done it years ago, but I'm really bad about updating the template."

As if there are few of us who aren't?

Well, that's my excuse, anyway. If you don't like that one, I have twenty more at hand!

I've found myself, until very lately, unable to do more than minor tweaks on my entire template since, well, I started the damn thing in the last week of December, 2001.

Partially due to lack of being anything other than self-taught at HTML (or much of anything else), but mostly due to the whole general Severe Chronic Depression thing, and, at times, the circumstances, and my environment, and the whole thing interacting so I could barely function minimally, anyway, and then when I could, it's a lot easier to just write "words" and try to string those together semi-coherently, and still fight the ever up-dating, always-so-helpfully Blogger software, then it was to try to tinker under the hood with stuff I barely understood.

And that's just always gotten worse, as regards the complexities under the hood.

But I'm at least back, after circumstances of two and a half hellish years in Raleigh, and also on psychiatric drugs (Buspirone and Lamotrigine) which have helped a lot, only in the last two years, and the combination of finally getting out of Raleigh, and environment that, shall we say, just defeated me, have helped me tremendously, for now at least, so even though I'm back to couch-surfing, and physically more screwed up, my head is screwed on again more tightly enough that I'm finding myself slowly more able to start messing under the hood, and tweaking. And writing in general.

Thus doing minor things like, well, I had been using for a blogroll, and they went problematic a few years back, and then disappeared forever, and meanwhile I was in "I'll-fix-that-when-I-feel-able-to-cope-mode, which just stretched on, year after year after year."

And then I realized all I really needed to do -- much as I need to do a whole new template, that's not so, um, 2002 -- was do things incrementally, one day at a time, iin small steps, and then I realized, hell, I don't need to do some Entirely Perfect New Blogroll. And that all I really needed to do was some stealing of other people's blogrolls, pasting them in, knockinig off some stuff I I didn't like, when I noticed, adding some stuff when I noticed, tweaking a bit, and then, hey, just keep on tweaking the rest of my life.

(Pt. I; Blogger no longer likes more than 4,096 characters, and I suppose it is hard to like that many people all at once.)

9:34:00 AM  
Blogger Gary Farber said...

Finishing, for now: nd nowadays I feel like I should go into the fortune cookie business, I'm so full of little Tips On Life and How To Cope. :-)

So I'm the last person in the world to point and whine about people who haven't blogrolled me, because I didn't do it to others for many years, so I have nothing to complain about, since it was me not helping myself by helping others.

And nowadays, I find that the best way to make myself feel good about myself is to help others -- and I've always felt that way, it's just that I was so low that nothing would make myself feel good about myself, and that's... not good.

Anyway, I should post about all this, and intend to, so... be seeing you.

I hope. Still not sure what I'll be doing after August, but I'm feeling more optimistic right now, despite worse physical health -- at least I have a roof over my head for the next few months, and the positive outlook outweighs all the physical problems until I go blind, and they cut off my hands, and then I'll just have to try having my computer read to me, dictating back, and taking it from there.

That's a lot easier than fighting severe depression, and the other forms of mental illness I've fought for decades, and a lot less hellish, I'm here to say: and that's one thing I'm on -- a crusade to help de-stigmatize mental illness, and help those fortunate to have "depression" just mean "I feel awful," not "I want to kill myself, every day, year after year" and "I can barely string three words together coherently, or stare into space, reading," etc.

But at least I never stopped reading, and boy do I have a lot to say stored up. :-)

That's one thing about reading like mad, and being political -- there's never a shortage of things to talk about. :-) Or ideas.

Writing well, and most of all, having some self-confidence that one doesn't suck completely, just mostly --- that's the tricky part, and now I'm more and more confident that, hell, okay, so I'm a sucky writer. That still puts me above all those other even suckier writers, and loads of them are doing fine, and I've never suffered much fear of looking like an idiot -- it's actually been a speciality of the house -- so with any luck at all, folks will be hearing more from me Soon.

Though I must say that fighting the software, and learning how to fix it, is still the biggest part of the actual blogging part, for me, for now, plus trying to address the minor other problems of my life, like the illnesses, trying to cope with government and private bureaucracy, etc., but that gets into the areas of whining about my little problems while meanwhile there are always people far worse off to be helped, such as in whatever trivial ways I can try to, and it's always so much easier for some of us to try to help others than ourselves. So: later!

Also: giving one's self permission to write crap, rather than worrying that every last little word isn't perfect, has helped me, too. :-) So I'll write some crappy stuff, and the formatting will be worse than I'd like to have it: not exactly comparable to dying in a flood in the Phillipines, or people in real trouble.

Meanwhile, there are always good things to be found in life, and if one can notice, it can be beautiful day.

With a roof over one's head, some food, and a semi-sane brain chemistry, and a few other minor things.

Sheesh, Blogger, fine, three parts.

9:38:00 AM  
Blogger Gary Farber said...

Increasingly thrilling trilogy of comment!

May we all help each other find those things!: because who doesn't deserve them?

And that is why I'm a lefty/liberal/progressive (who won't write an essay on the differences in this comment, because in the end, it doesn't matter: we all want a better world, and that's what matters; the rest is commentary, and that is what blog posts are for.

Good morning!

Cheers! Good luck! Don't let the bastichs get you down! And punch 'em in the nose (non-violently, with words!) when you can.

Truth will out, and eventually, slowly, things will be better for all of us.

Incrementally. One day at a time.

It's all any of us can do.

90% of life is just showing up.

9:39:00 AM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Gary, you're doing fine on stringing words together. I've been out all day and I'm whipped, but I will put you on the blogroll tomorrow.

And btw, I didn't know that there's another punchline if you mouse over xkcd but I'm glad to find out. I love that comic.

4:45:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:59:00 AM  

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