Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bachmann not ready for her close-up - Updated

I watched Michele Bachmann's SOTU reponse and Axelrod's gentle joke captures the most glaring weirdness.
"Am I looking at the right camera?" Axelrod joked during an appearance on MSNBC, referencing Bachmann's video.
At The Caucus, Alessandra defines the general ambience:
Representative Michele Bachmann, a Tea Party leader, didn’t bring a “prom date” to the State of the Union address, she didn’t wear the ribbon corsage and she crashed the after party known as the official Republican response. When Ms. Bachmann, Republican of Minnesota, addressed the nation with her own, more alarmist assessment of its state, she seemed almost like the telekinetic high school heroine of “Carrie.”
With the overdone eye makeup, I found it a bit more campy. First thing I thought of was Elvira and her "so awful they're funny" horror movie show. But it no doubt pleased her fans and that was clearly was her target audience.

I've been thinking for a long time Bachmann wants to usurp Sarah as the pit bull with lipstick candidate. Judging from this performance, she probably has a good shot at it. But watch the video and decide for yourself. Just bizarre but mercifully short.

Update: Octopus checks into comments to note CNN's sorry slide into disrepute. For myself, I pretty much stopped even reading their website when they embedded with the Tea Party Express and they lost their last shred of credibility with me when they hired Erick son of Erick as a legitimate commentator. But it is worth nothing that Tea Party Express is not the Tea Party movement. It's a PAC whose sole purpose seems to be to enrich a GOP operative who runs a PR outfit. Octopus posts the proof at Swashzone.

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Blogger (O)CT(O)PUS said...

Last night, I rewrote a post to reflect Rachel Maddow's latest revelation concerning CNN's airing of Bachmann's Tea Party Express speech. What Dr. Maddow uncovered: Bachmann's speech was a PR placement, not a legitimate news story. The implication points to a fundamental conflict of interest that compromises the integrity of cable news journalism.

I am bringing this to your attention with hopes that our extended netroots communities might focus on this issue and raise a big stink.

How can we maintain a viable democracy when propagandists and hacks game the system? There is much at stake here. If the American public cannot rely on accurate and honest news, then our entire system of governance is at risk.

9:37:00 AM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Hey Octopus,

I've given up on CNN long ago. They lost their last shred of credibility with me when they hired Erick son of Erick as a commentator.

Good to take them to task for it though. I think quite a lot of people were already making a stink before they even aired it, but it would be great if CNN actually listened to the critics. Sadly, I think they're too in bed with the Tea Party, literally to care. You'll recall they practically co-sponsored the TP Express bus last year.

10:31:00 AM  

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