Wednesday, November 03, 2010

A wave, not a tsunami

While I'm not exactly cheery, both my progressive national candidates lost in my state, I was much more devasted on the day after in 2004. So there's that.

Spent the morning checking out the results. Outside of my personal disappointment is seeing Burr and Foxx win, losing Feingold was the worst outcome, but a quick scan tells me he's not just going home and sobbing into his crying towel. And overall, Dems left this battlefield with a fighting force. Now if only they can learn how to fight...

Anyway, there were a number of bright spots. Looks to me what basically happened is the country reverted from sort of purplish to rigidly red/blue again. Like I often say, the pendulum always swings. Hoping the silver lining here is that libs/progs will now find common cause on working on issues again and stop fighting with each other.

Meanwhile, I'm off to work again this afternoon. For the moment, my longer morning after post is at DetNews.

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