Monday, November 22, 2010

Uneducated, over-informed

Adding to my earlier post on GOP voters, one of my "fans" from Detroit followed me home to complain about my paraphrasing the WaPo description as, "GOP base is uneducated, under-informed, white hicks."

I deleted him for redundancy, but he did remind me of a point I forgot to make. I almost fit that demo. For reasons more complicated and personal than I care to explain, I don't have impressive academic creds. And I'm verging on the knife edge of elderly, enjoy simple pleasures and prefer marginally rural areas of residence. I could be accurately described as a self-educated, over-informed, white hick. Not all that different.

One of reasons I didn't go the academic route is a deep, life-long aversion to institutionalized learning. It may be a path to instant scholastic credibility, but not necessarily a path to knowledge. The system is so easily gamed. [Via John Cole]:

Of course, cheating has been going on since long before I was in school but it appears the number of cheaters have grown. I find it a good sign that for the moment, the technology seems to be finally outpacing them. Thinking it's good for civil society when dishonesty is punished instead of rewarded.

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