Friday, November 12, 2010

The secret to Christie's success

Weigel makes an obvious point that I agree has been largely missed by the chattering class. The real secret behind Christie's "charisma," at least on the national level among those who don't have to live with the effects of his "governance."
And that's where Christie's fame has come from! He makes news less for his specific accomplishments, more for viral videos of himself taking names, which are rebroadcast on conservative sites, talk radio, and cable news.

I'm amazed that no other Republican or Democrat who wants to make a national impression has done what Christie did -- hire a new media director and have him pump out video of the man at his best throwing down some down and dirty, substance free, trash talking.
[Strike out and addition mine] Come to think of it, that's what made Sarah Palin what she is today, too.

[Addendum to: Christie is no Fred Thompson.]

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