Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Obama: Sarah Who? - Updated

President Obama tells Barbara Walters he doesn't think about Sarah Palin. He acknowldeges that she's built a base of support among the Tea Party Republicans, but his focus is on governing.

Neither do I waste time thinking about her; hard as it is to avoid the continous media/internet fascination with the surreality star and half-term governor. I don't care at all what her latest mindless spewing on Facebook says. I don't care about her book, or her teevee tirades and neither should any thinking person.

That especially goes for "the left" who builds her up even as they think they're tearing her down. The attention, even negative attention, simply cements her place as the main ring attraction in the media circus. And no it's not necessary to marginalize her. There's not a person with two or more firing synapses who doesn't realize by now she's a cleverly manipulative, yet intellectually void, incompetent boob.

But with every clever snark, Palin wins. With every sneering derision, Palin wins. Because it makes it all about her. And it doesn't marginalize her with her supporters. They believe every garbled word she tosses out. So when you call their Sarah stupid, you're calling them stupid. It cements their loyalty and raises their resentment. It makes them all the more determined to show us dirty elite liberals up. I mean we're talking about people who are willing to spend hours a day gaming a voting system so her daughter can do well in a stupid dance contest.

If the left wants to marginalize Palin, then stop talking about her. Stop reading and linking to every breathless media report on her latest unintelligible utterance. If the media stops getting traffic from it, they'll stop reporting on her. And losing the limelight is the greatest punishment of all for an attention whore.

Update: I rest my case. Sarah says something stupid and everyone on the internets instantly has to say something about it. She wins the news cycle. You think she really doesn't know that North Korea is not our ally? Nobody making millions on their fame is that stupid. This vapid poseur is playing everyone on both sides to keep her name recognition high. This is how "refudiate" became word of the year.

As further evidence, I saw today the second episode of her new reality show lost 40% of the audience. I'm pretty sure those were the lefties that got bored after the first episode.

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Blogger mahakal said...

I rested my case and folded up my blog on the matter, two years ago. :)

11:20:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Blogtopia has changed a lot in the last seven years since I've started blogging. But you shouldn't give up mahakal. Blog about the stuff that matters.

8:59:00 AM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Adding I just looked at your profile. Didn't realize you're part of the skippybro crew. Love that blog. Don't link to it enough. Then again, I don't get around to reading the blogs like I used to. Being poor takes up so much time.

9:02:00 AM  

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