Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy 10th to TPM

Josh Marshall's Talking Points Memo turns 10 today. Well okay, it's really tomorrow but it's never too early to start celebrating.

Hard for me to believe it's been that long but time moves differently on the internets and I've been reading him since I ventured into the tubes. Truthfully, since he got all that money and went more or less mainstream, I think the site has lost a little bit of the edginess of the early days of Blogtopia. It's not the same blog that forced Attorneygate into the spotlight and probably invented crowd sourcing. But then again, so has most of Blogtopia morphed into more of an echo of the legacy media, than a challenge to it.

TPM is still breaking important news and focusing attention on events that might otherwise be overlooked, so I'm willing to forgive the occassional overindulgence in trivia. I'm grateful for their longevity and the many contributions they made, and still make, to informing us about matters of importance. Hope they're around for another ten and another ten after that.

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